Useful Links

The Classic Typewriter Page - Vintage typewriter restoration and repair

The Typewriter Data Base - Dating typewriters by serial number

The Brownie Camera Page - Identify and date Brownie Cameras

Replogle Globes - Date old globes based on the countries listed on the globe

How To Date Ball Fruit Jars - Dating your canning jars

Silver Collecting - American silver marks for identifying your silver and silverplate

Vintage Tricycles - Tricycle manufacturers with photos, logos & advertisements

The Pyrex Collective - Identify Pyrex patterns (these people love their Pyrex)

White Ironstone China Association - Care and cleaning of ironstone pieces

New York Public Library - thousands of vintage images available for download

Vintage Market Guide - Vintage markets, sales and shows all over the country

Estate Sales - Find estate sales in your area

Auction Zip - Find auctions by zip code


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