A Purple Dahlia

This is the area right outside my patio door. I can see it from the living room and is an area that I change around quite often. Right now we’re having a purple-flower-bunny-roller coaster theme.

I am totally in love with my purple dahlia. This was a Mother’s Day present to myself (I’m quite the gift giver when I’m the recipient).

My solar jar light that my sister from Oregon sent me last year. She’s also a good gift giver.

Here’s where the roller coaster theme comes in. It is an image that I found on Google, printed on to card stock and slipped into my canning jar. It reminds me of the Dick and Jane books. See Jane scream. Scream, Jane, scream!

A wicker basket of violas. Or are these just mini pansies?

They didn’t have a stick in them, but I have always called them violas.

I love the barn in the reflection of the glass in this photo. It’s a pretty barn from afar, up close, not so much.

OK, run off to some blogs that have something exciting to talk about today. I’m a little light on words. Skedaddle!

Linking with The Vintage Farmhouse‘s Creative Things Thursday and Fishtail Cottage‘s Cottage Garden Party

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  1. says

    My Grandmom’s sister was named Viola. I always thought it sounded pretty. LOVE the purple dahlia. had to chuckle over your comment, “I’m quite the gift giver when I’m the recipient.” I understand completely. Take care. PS) I have been having a terrible time accessing your site. finally got through today. YIPPEE!

  2. says

    That dahlia is beautiful. It looks perfect. All the other things are great too. Great post and, HONESTLY, I haven’t read a blog post yet that I would call exciting.

  3. says

    The Dahlias and violas are really pretty and your display is cute…solar jar?? What a neat idea! I’m going to look for some online. Cute with Dick and Jane on the roller coaster.

  4. says

    Ha! Dick and Jane…..that brought back memories. I love the teeny little violas and your big showy Dahlia! I had some dahlias once, but they didn’t over winter well, even though I “lifted” them in the fall like you are supposed to. I think they found my garage too depressing and died of depression. :(

  5. says

    What a beautiful plant. I love the bright, cheery color. How funny about Dick and Jane. I bought the reproduction books and SweetCheeks is learning to read them. She read…JUMP PUFF. She then asked…WHY are they going to jump Puff? hmmm…she might be watching too many news reports. xo Diana

  6. says

    What a gorgeous dahlia bloom. I remember that solar jar last year and was smitten. Love it with the graphics that you’ve chosen. Darling little vignette!

  7. says

    I love purple flowers! They are my favorite by far. I am glad you posted photos of the front of you house in the post below. Trying to decide what color to go on our shutters and was thinking white, and yours looks good like that. We have the same color siding. Love the black rockers. Pretty.

  8. says

    Love the color of the dahlia! Your vignette looks very good together. It’s fun to move things around. You captured the color of the dahlia’s perfectly with your camera and the barn reflection looks really cool. I remember the Dick and Jane books. Love the idea of putting that image in the jar. It gives it a vintage feel! I’m off to some garage sales today. Have a great weekend!

  9. says

    I’ve been planting a new garden with a lot of purples -thank you for reminding me to add some of this Dahlia…so pretty! Thanks for linking up this week at the Garden Party… xoxo, tracie

  10. says

    I love the colors. I have never tried Dahlias, but they are my sister’s favorite. She found a great source for some huge ones this year, only to have someone pull them out of her garden. Can you imagine. I guess that is a pitfall of living in the city, never know all your neighbors.

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