Thrifty Finds And Lemonade

All the moons seemed to be in alignment for my garage sale-ing excursion on Friday. I hadn’t carelessly made any appointments for Friday morning (I need to permanently mark off Fridays on my calendar from now on), the rain from early in the morning had finally cleared up, and I was all caught up on laundry.

There was a huge neighborhood sale in the next town over, so I headed in that direction. A good percentage of homes in the neighborhood participated in the sale and it seemed to have a party atmosphere. Sure, no mojitos were in sight, but it was quite early in the morning.

I did run across quite a few cute lemonade stands set up by eager faced little kids though. Am I the only one that buys lemonade from the kids, but doesn’t actually drink it? Maybe I worked in the hospitality industry too long, but I have visions of them not using proper food handling safety procedures in the making of the drinks.

I didn’t buy a ton of stuff, but what I bought I needed. Uh, sort of. I bought a picnic basket because you can never have enough picnic baskets ($5.00). They are great to stack in a corner and throw stuff in. I also bought some salt and pepper shakers ($1.00) and a thermos for my ever growing thermos collection (25 cents).

Aren’t these little bird salt and pepper shakers so cute in a kitschy sort of way. The house where I bought these had a ton of different salt and peppers, but most of them were ugly in a kitschy sort of way. Kitsch goes both ways, I guess.

I bought a huge turkey platter (25 cents) and a glass cake dome ($1.00).

Up to this point, I was doing well on the money front. I had spent $7.50 on garage sale finds and 50 cents on lemonade and was feeling quite good about being Mrs. Thrifty (even though my thirst was not quenched). Then I found this yummy bread board at a sale.

I’m not even going to tell you the price I paid for it, because it’s embarrassing, but I will tell you that I have been on the lookout for one of these for quite a while to use as a photography prop. So I bit the bullet and paid antique store prices for it. It has the nicest patina though.

How was your garage sale shopping this weekend? Did run across any hygienic lemonade stands?

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    Love the picnic basket, Pam! They DO make good storage places. :-) Did you get my last e-mail re: a paint seminar? Let me hear from ya!

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    Love your turkey platter & that bread board!!! Loll-ing at the lemonade comment! I buy and pour it out later! Same with any baked goods. You never know where some kids blow their little noses, and I don’t want any extra ww points!! :)

  3. says

    Oh my Pam — you got quite a haul there. I love the little s&p’s — I saw a PIN where the pinner had put a dowel into the bottom of old s&p’s and used them in planters — too cute. I am a total picnic basket collector and have stacks — can’t pass them by.

    I am in agreement about the lemonade — our little town is where Koolaide was *born* – lots of KA stands and we even have a KA Days celebration each summer. I buy but don’t drink 😉


    P.S. My garage sale find — 2 vintage wicker tables for my porch :)

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    GORGEous cutting board! I’m sure it’s worth every penny. Think of the history it holds… the stories it could tell. It looks so familiar. I’m thinking my gram had one like it. Enjoy it! =) ~Sally

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    You’re so bad! Buying picnic baskets for storage just so you can buy more things. My oh my!
    Still, I’m always diggin’ your photos!

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    Twenty five cents for the turkey platter? You stole that one, I would expect to see it listed here for much, much more. I never see picnic baskets like that, so cute.
    You have to let us know what the cutting board cost you, I am so curious to know what you consider antique store prices by comparison. Since someone mentioned it, what about Frank? (though I think Paul, for Paul Newman, with the wonderful blue eyes.)

  7. says

    SuzieQ – I paid $20.00. The people who had that garage sale used to have an antique booth and they were getting rid of some of their stuff, but everything was priced higher than you would expect at a typical garage sale. I’ve seen them for around $30-$35 around here at the antique stores, so I guess I sort of got a deal on it. At a garage sale I would expect to pay $1.00 for it though from some little old lady who just wanted it out of her kitchen.

    Frank’s still here today. I took him to the vet to be scanned for the chip and he does not have one. No one around me knows him and there aren’t any signs up in town about him. So we’re just waiting right now to see if someone claims him.

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    I adore the turkey platter and you have this incredible knack for locating items I am looking for. Well done. I too pay the big bucks for items I really really want. That is what all the thriftness is about the other days. We had a good yard sale but it was exhausting and hot as it could be.

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    You found some super deals! I love the bird s & p and that Turkey platter is a great find. Love the bread board…enough said! No yard sales for me lately, maybe this weekend. hugs, Linda

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    Love your finds. Yep- I often give the kids the money for the lemonade and tell them to give it to the next kid that is dragged in there by their mother- xo Diana

  11. says

    I love all of your finds, Pam! Can’t wait to see your bread board in action! And yes, I have bought many cups of lemonade that I don’t drink…what can I say, we must be the soft touches the kids are waiting for lol!

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