Typewriter Love

Is it wrong to love an inanimate object?

I found Kate at an estate sale last weekend. According to her serial number, she was born in 1925.

She’s a little dusty and needs some cosmetic work, but for an 86 year old she’s in pretty good shape.

I originally bought her with thoughts of reselling her, but as soon as I brought her home and put a piece of paper in her, she was mine.

How long has it been since I’ve heard the bell ring on a typewriter? I had totally forgotten about the sound, but it really is pretty sweet.

You’ve accomplished something when you hear that sound. Another line typed. Time to throw the carriage return lever. Advance the paper. Go on to the next line.

You just don’t get the same sense of achievement from the automatic word wrapping (or whatever you call that feature) on a computer keyboard where you just type and type and type and occasionally hit the mute enter key.

I don’t even know what all her levers and such do anymore. It used to be so much a part of us, now it is so foreign. How quickly we forget.

I’ll be attempting to restore Kate to her younger glory days. Nothing major, just cleaning, oiling and removing some rust. I imagine I may have to roll some new ribbon on the old spools.

Kate is one classy Royal.

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    I’d keep Kate too. I got rid of my old Smith Corona torqoise typewrite a few years back. Why did I do that. It was from the 60’s, not as old as Kate. Can you still buy those ribbons.

  2. says

    I love those old typewriters. I have been looking for one for quite a while. I learned to type on an old Royal..and drove my teacher mad because I banged the keys so hard!;>) The one you got is a beauty! xo Diana

  3. says

    A little work and your typewriter will look good as new, Pam. They really do make a fun accessory! I love the clickety clack sound of the keys. :-)

  4. says

    what a pretty old thing…my then 10 year old daughter bought a vintage typewriter at a yard sale last year and loves the clackity clack sound the keys make when she types…i don’t know what we’ll do when the ribbon runs out! thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


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    How lovely and I have to tell you Kate’s brother is living on my coffee table and he says to say Hi!….LOL I love Vintage Typewriters too! Kit

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    Too bad my dad is no longer living or he would have it back into shape in a jiffy. He used to have his own typewriter repair business in our house when I was growing up and we had ones like yours sitting all over the basement floor. You’re right…we were used to those kinds of things for much of our lives and now look how far technology has come! Nice find!~Hugs, Patti

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    Don’t you just love it! Makes me think of all the people that actually typed on those keys.

    I have a much smaller vintage typwriter sitting on top of the table I featured in this linky party.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  8. says

    You found a real treasure!

    My mom used to sit at the kitchen table at night typing quizzes and tests for her business classes on a manual typewriter. I loved to hear the keys, the carriage return, and the dings.

  9. says

    Kate is looking might fine for her ripe old age. I’d be making a few noises and need some oil here and there too. I have one typewriter that I’ve kept for myself. I think she needs a name.

  10. says

    Your blog is GORGEOUS!!! You are doing a great job! I am signing on. I love your typewriter. I bought one for ten bucks last year dated 1917 and I love her, too. She was all nasty in a cardboard box with webs and grossness. Aren’t the funny lettered keys just darling??? andrea @ townandprairie

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