May 9, 2013

Keep On Trucking

After I made my chicken feeder planter, I grabbed another one of my thrifty finds from last weekend and turned it into a planter too. Nothing is safe from potting soil around here!

After I de-girlified it by removing the unicorns and rainbows (thank you, Goo Gone),

I taped the tailgate door down to keep the dirt from dumping out the back. Dump trucks tend to do that.

Then I added a small layer of stones for drainage,

an even smaller layer of charcoal just because I had it left over from my terrarium project

and a really thick layer of potting soil.

Then planted some Limelight Japanese Stonecrop in it

and I was ready to haul my load.

How is your planting going this year? I still have a few things to get potted up. Then I have to get my porch in order. Then sew some pillow covers for the outdoor chairs. Then maybe repaint the Adirondack chairs.

Maybe I can relax in June.

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  1. I'm still on the look out for a metal pick up truck to fill with bottle brush trees at Christmas. Love your dump truck planter. We haven't even started planting yet. Falling behind again.

  2. That turned out so cute and I've never heard of a Japanese Limelight Stonecrop-really interesting plant that I assume doesn't get very large?

  3. Ellie - the tag says it grows 2-4 inches tall (which it is right now) and spreads out to 12-24 inches. At the end of summer I'll plant it in the ground around some rocks, so it'll have more room to expand.

  4. So darn cute Pam! I sure wish I had saved all the trucks from when my boys were young. They'd be mighty rusty by now.

  5. This looks SO great! I'm inspired again,'re going to help me get my garden going with all these great ideas! I've got to get my mind into planting mode!

  6. This is so adorable! I'll have to hunt for vintage toys the next time I am at a yard sale or flea market.

  7. Super cute, but that truck might be worth some bucks, so research it. LOL We had a dealer who sold trucks like that for $35 and up. Hope you don't end up with all this rain we have here today, but its moving your way.

  8. Love it!
    As much as I loved the unicorn stickers, I suppose I'd have taken the Goo Gone to them too. :)
    No planting here, yet. SO close to the ice going off local lakes.. any day now, within a week I'd say. (The great MN fishing opener is this weekend.. it's a HUGE deal that the lakes still have ice on them.) We usually can't plant much until Memorial Day, anyway, but this year things are very behind!

  9. How cute. Love that plant in the little yellow truck. Must try to find some of that.


  10. OK, I would never have thought of that. super cute!!

  11. I like it!! So cute!! We have had a week of wonderful temps, just like the middle of summer now today it is a freezing rain warning! Glad I didn't plant!! What is going on??

  12. That truck looks so adorable--really like this one! Now I need to find an old truck :)I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

  13. That's very cute. I'm suddenly dying to get myself some unique planters. Never paid much attention to these outdoor details before, but oh how the green is growing on me! You have a lovely blog :)

    Heather@ Lark & Lola

  14. Such a cute idea! You have just inspired me to use some of my son's old Tonka metal trucks he has recently grown out of. Not much planting going on here hopefully in the next week or so.

  15. The truck looks so cute fixed up as a planter. I am going to be looking for some of the Japanese Stonecrop. It is pretty.

    Finally the weather is gardening worthy, and I'm sickish with a cold. Hopefully the cold will be gone within a few days and the weather will continue to be good.

  16. I hope you're relaxing today on Mother's Day Friend!!
    I love the truck project.. where do you come up with such wonderful ideas? I haven't even begun to start any planting. When, I get home from school I'm wiped out. EEK!! I'll be done in Sept. lol!!!
    Thinking of you..
    xo Liz

  17. Such a cute idea! I have one of my sons yellow metal tonka trucks from when he was little. A little plant in it would fit the bill and feel right at home. No telling how many loads of dirt it has scooped up over time.
    Visiting you from Inspire me Tuesday.

  18. Oh how fun and cute. I love it. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs marty

  19. Adorable! Watch out for those garden gnomes. I hear they like to take joy rides at night.

    I haven't bought a single plant and my perennials are just barely poking through the soil. We are so far behind the rest of the country!

  20. This is so adorable! Please park it next to your red barn!

  21. Too too too adorable, love it Pam!

  22. I missed this absolutely darling sedum you planted in truck. I pinned it as I just found out how to drag the pin it button on my Mac-thankfully. I am so lost.

  23. Now I have got to keep an eye out for old metal trucks! This is the best, it really looks amazing!

  24. Such a darn cute idea Pam. I have an old truck of Mr.CC's maybe I should be a copy cat:)


  25. CUTE!!! Again, Thanks so much for linking this up to our "Best Of The Weekend" party! Pinning!!


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