The One That Got Away

I started out on Friday morning very cheerful. It was my son’s last day of school for the year, so my last day to be totally carefree and fancy free and able to flit from from garage sales to estate sales to thrift stores without a thought in the world.

It was a day full of possibilities.

First on my list was stopping off at an estate sale to buy this beauty that they had shown on their website.

Ain’t she purdy?

I have wanted an old croquet set for years. But not just any one, it had to have a certain look about it. The look that this one had. This was the perfect croquet set. The one I had in my head when I pictured a vintage croquet set. Get the idea? Oh, yeah, I wanted this!!!

Well, as I am driving up to the sale a mere two minutes after the sale started, I see a woman walking out of the house with my croquet set.

For a second, I had a thought run through my head that involved me tripping the woman, throwing $14 at her (the price prominently taped to the set), grabbing the thing and running back to my car. Just a fleeting thought, but nonetheless it was sort of disturbing.

So, of course, the rest of the day was occupied by thoughts of “This item sure is nice, but it’s not my croquet set”, “Boy, I wish they had a croquet set here” and “Why didn’t I just leave my house ten minutes earlier and then I would have my croquet set parked in my trunk”.

OK, enough about the one that got away! Done, it’s gone. Get over it, Pam!

So what I do have to show, that I actually did buy, is a cabinet that I purchased for a song at a garage sale.

I think it is a bathroom cabinet or possibly a small kitchen cabinet. It has a wonderful, practically pristine porcelain top. A little bit of the original paint is chippy, but I thought that gave it a little bit of charm.

And it has these cool round knobs that sort of look and feel like Bakelite.

It was marked at $25.00, but when I opened the drawer and commented on what good shape it was in, the woman immediately said she could let it go for $20.00. Maybe if I would have commented on the nice knobs she would have dropped the price again, but at that point I just wanted to get the cabinet in my van before she changed her mind.

Or someone tripped me. Because there was a woman eyeing me as I was putting it in the back of my van. Could have sworn she muttered something about “her cabinet”.

And BTW, when you come home with a terrific find is your husband’s first question “Do you have a place to put it”?

Like that matters?

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    Oh I had a similar thing happen that I still think about. I went to an estate sale and there was a kitchen aid mixer there. I asked the people how much. $30! but it had sold 5 minutes before!! But Something better always comes later :)

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    Oh I hate when that happens! Crazy woman- Like SHE needed that croquet set! Seriously!!! I like your little cabinet though. HOWEVER~ You have to learn the language of “coming home” so you can avoid “where are you going to put it, Pam” questions. When HE says- “So..what did you buy at the garage sale today?” say..NOTHING! It’s like magic because there IS NO follow up questions. Of course, it IS hard to hide a hutch..or a cabinet…next time buy clothes and put them all on under what you are wearing! He’ll never notice- trust me! xo Diana

  3. says

    Cute cabinet, Pam! That’s too bad about the croquet set. Was there swearing involved? Not that I would say a cuss word or anything 😉 Aren’t husbands’ questions annoying? If I would’ve bought that cabinet, mine would’ve said something like “What’s that?” and I would’ve wanted to reply something like “A bbq grill. What does it look like?” That sounds mean doesn’t it? lol.

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    I would have tripped her for sure!!

    And why do husbands always ask that? I don’t say anything when he buys new golf balls. I don’t say where are you going to put those and what are you going to do with them?? Men! Thank God he agreed that the chair was cool. That doesn’t always happen.

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    Oh, Pam! I feel your pain! Love the cabinet, may have been in an old doctor’s office with that metal top. I got my vintage croquet set off Craigslist by doing a wanted ad. Someone said they had one in the attic and never thought about selling it. $20.00 and worth it. My DAUGHTER asked me where I was going to put it!


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    I had a long comment going when the computer froze up on me. If it lets me I’ll finisih it and send.
    You should have offered to play croquet with the woman and winner got to buy the set!
    An old set is on my hunting list as well. I agree, not just any one will do.

  7. says

    I feel your pain, Pam. I missed out on a pantry for my kitchen at an auction this weekend. The auctioneer didn’t see/hear my bid. :o(

    Better luck next weekend to both of us. Your little cabinet is great.

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    Ow sorry about the croquet set, you will find one soon but I know the feeling of the one that got away. The find you did get is beautiful and you are so right, you don’t need a spot for it right away, it will find a place eventually. :)

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    Oh, yeah, we are two peas in a pod. Who cares if we have room for something?! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment — I love that!!

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    Pam, this is a great post! Your story made me smile, as I’ve had that very same experience!:) But, it always seems to work out in the end, and your new cabinet proves that! What a great find!

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    Pam, would you have bought the cabinet if you got the croquet set? I love the cabinet!
    I asked the RG if he noticed what I put on the bathroom wall and he said yes when the cabinet door hit it–good grief!

  12. says

    Hahaha Great story…I imagine tripping people all the time…er…maybe I shouldn’t admit this! I have had the same thing happen with a tension pole style record holder…oh well one will appear someday. I have never played is sort of like golf?

  13. says

    I do know that sinking feeling of the one that got away. But look at it this way, now you still have the thrill of the hunt for another perfect croquet set! And yes, where are you going to put that is a frequent question crossing my husband’s lips, too.

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    I love the cabinet you picked up. The top is just beautiful. :)

    I feel your pain with loosing ‘your’ croquet set. I just lost ‘my’ new kitchen table and chairs off Craigslist the other day. I sat around and moped all night…whining…but but it was ‘MY’ table and chairs…how dare that person write me back and tell me they sold ‘MY’ table/chairs. lol

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    I just found a similar cabinet at a yard sale, which I featured in my blog ( Someone has since found one on ebay being sold as a vintage medical cabinet–sounds like that could be right. Great find–I paid $30 for mine and am thrilled with it. I found space for it in our upstairs bathroom by moving something else out :-)

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    I hate to tell you this, but I bought a croquet set, which looks just like that one, for $2.00 and NO I do not want to get rid of it. It brings back such good memories of my childhood! I pray one day you will find one & can grab it quickly!! God Bless!

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