The Making Of A Vintage Thermos Collection

You know how you buy one thing. That one time. Just because it’s a good deal.

Or it’s really cute.

And then you start seeing similar things at yard sales for a buck or two and you think, why not?

And next thing you know, you have yourself a bona fide collection?

Well, that’s what happened to me with thermoses.

Believe me, I never started out one day saying “Boy, I really need to have a collection of used insulated coffee holding devices which probably don’t even work anymore and who-knows-who has drunk out of”.

Nope, never happened.

Collection of vintage thermoses used as kitchen decor

I keep my collection in my kitchen on the counter next to the almost never used mixer.

Although, now that’s I’m typing this, it would make so much more sense next to the almost never used coffee maker.

I found my newest addition to my collection at an estate sale.

Vintage plaid Aladdin thermos with a cork stopper

An Aladdin brand thermos that has a weird, rubbery plaid covering on the base.

It sort of feels like the bumpy shelf liner stuff they sell nowadays.

And it has a cork instead of a screw on cap! How cool is that?

Vintage plaid Aladdin thermos with a cork stopper

When I saw it, I thought it might be a very, very, very old thermos from before they invented screw on caps.

But then that very same night I was watching The Odd Couple and saw an episode where Felix was filling up Murray The Cop’s thermos with hot coffee. And Murray’s thermos had the same type of cork in it.

So I guess it’s not any older than the 60’s or 70’s.

And is it totally weird that the very same day I bought this thermos is the day I saw that particular episode? What are the chances of THAT!

I won’t even mention the fact that I have probably only ever seen 10-15 episodes of The Odd Couple in my entire life!

I always tease my husband that I have ESP or some sort of weird special super power. And I think this proves it!

I need to put my abilities to better use than for estate sale finds though. Las Vegas, anyone?

Edited – I found another one – a Thermos picnic jug. Cherry Kool-Aid anyone?

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  1. says

    The same kind of “Twilight Zone coincidence” happens to me frequently too. Maybe I watch too much TV. I love old thermoses; I have 4 in different shapes & sizes. One has the same cork in it; I thought it was older too. Yours look so cute all together!

  2. says

    Did I tell you this already, but the other day I was watching Downton Abbey and they had my same vintage inhaler in the episode. I was tickled. I like your collection, but I think they should go by the coffee maker….or maybe??? a Perkolater???

    • says

      That’s wild! I ran across a blogger from LA a while ago and her job was finding weird stuff at flea markets to put in movies. Sounds like my kind of job!

  3. says

    Oh how funny! I’ve never seen one of those or just don’t remember it. My daddy always had a thermos of coffee when we went on car trips but I don’t remember the lids. I do like your collection.

  4. says

    I love your thermos collection. I try to steer away from collections–more stuff more to dust. But who am I kidding–I have a ton of stuff anyway. Your collection looks great!

  5. says

    I really like your newest addition. I can just imagine the feel of that crinkly thermos. Super neat. I have four vintage thermos in my collection. They were used this winter at our ice skating rink. I picture them in my imaginary cottage/cabin someday. Happy collecting!

  6. says

    Hi Pam, I think they remind us of picnics on the lake and a simpler time. I would take the mixer in a skinny minute but know I will find one in a thrifty way one day. Our estate sales are getting so pricey I have just about quit going. xo, olive

  7. says

    I remember taking a thermos to school that had a cork in it…and Lord forbid that you had any kind of thing that turned sour in there-the cork always held the smell!

    Ummmm….Las Vegas? I’ll meet you there and remember what you buy in Vegas comes home in your suitcase! xo Diana

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