Thrifting At The Anitque Store

Since I have been striking out at the thrift stores, I have been checking out the antique malls a little more closely, looking for some deals.

This McCoy vase was a deal at $5.00. It’s fairly large and will be added to my white vase collection. In my opinion, you can never have too many white vases, so I pick them up whenever they are a good price!

I found two oil cans (or are they oilers?) to add to my son’s collection. Love the chippy, rusty red look to the one on the left.

The unmarked green vase and striped kitchen towel were found at another antique mall. The vase has a similar shape to my white Hull one that I showed in my Hello Birdie post.

And tad-da! The wooden hangers were actually found at a thrift store. I know. I found something worth buying at a thrift store! (If you are new here, that’s not a dis to thrift stores, just an observation that I haven’t had any luck whatsoever lately at my favorite thrifts.)

I’ve seen some cute crafts made with wooden hangers, so they have gone in my crafts-I-can-do-if-I-ever-stop-Pinning-long-enough stash.

Do you ever go thrifting at the antique stores?

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    I definitely have a few antique stores that I frequent regularly. I’m noticing that some of them have been having sales lately. Goodie for ME! Love your vases. I can’t wait to start filling vases with spring flowers.

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    Wonderful vases! I have a bookcase of white vases and that green one matches some wall pockets I have…we have such good taste, don’t we? Ha!
    I do thrift at antique malls…usually when I go to check on my booth I shop around a bit. My favorite thrift store has forgotten it is a thrift store…they are over pricing their items so it’s almost too much work to hunt a bargain. Thrifting is still the most fun around though! Best, Vicki

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    i feel your pain on the thrifting front. they’ve become so popular that #1 – they get picked over before i get there, or, #2 – they are charging so near the price of the antiques malls that it’s no longer a “thrift.” love your finds! gotta admit, the antiques shops have a lot more of the authentic finds, & the hunt for a great piece at a great price is just as much fun as a thrift find 😉

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    I hardly ever find anything at the thrift stores anymore – so overpriced. Like today I saw a little shelf I liked. The original price tag was still on it (this was not old) and the thrift store was asking more!I find just as much I can buy at the local antique mall. Actually they call themselves a flea mall so that says a lot. Good finds for you, especially like the white vase.

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    Love the white McCoy. I went shopping at an antique mall this weekend. Something I rarely do. Also thrift stored my way up the state of Georgia on Friday in the pouring rain and found a few items.

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    I thought that it was just me thinking that the thrift store prices were really edging up. It is apparently going on nationwide. The other thing that I have been noticing is rather severely broken ceramic pieces being offered for pretty much money. I can’t think what anyone would use them for, unless it would be some kind of mosaic work. In my area at the thrift stores and at the one Goodwill that I visited I have noticed that there is no used costume jewelry. I aksed about it at the Goodwill, and the man said that they have someone who buys all that they get in. So I guess that someone has a standing deal and none of it ever even goes on display. I suppose I will have to go to yard sales to pick through any more old used jewelry. I thought the vases that you got were wonderful. I love the shape on the white vase, and especially that color green on the green vase. They made me think Spring.

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    Our antique shops have pretty good prices, so I’m lucky. Until recently I haven’t had luck at our thrift store. I think a person needs to go daily to see what’s new, and unfortunately I’ve got my day job getting in the way of my thrifting life.

    Both of your vases are lovely. Where do you display the oil cans? Do I see cubby making in your future?

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    I in agreement about the thrift stores….jut hard to find much of anything anymore. I do a lot of thrifting at antique malls. It takes longer to shop but I have found some good deals. Love the vases and the hangers. I never pass up vintage wood hangers!!

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    I love to go thrif ting at antique malls! I have several booths that I know have great prices and bonus is I don’t have to dig through a lot of 80’s wooden heart shaped crap like you do at the thrift. My Goodwill is still ok on prices, but I can’t tell you how many times I have walked (stomped?) out of Savers because their high prices ticked me off. Every pair of nasty, worn, dirty shoes that they think is a “good” brand is marked like 24.99. Seriously??? Get over yourself Savers!!

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    I definitely prefer antique stores over thrift stores. I’ve went to Goodwill a few times and their prices are absolutely ridiculous…plus it grosses me out there. I think you found some great things. I really love the hangers and the towel.

  11. says

    love your finds! Wish I had your eye for antiques.. My house would be filled with precious treasures..
    When I walk in one… I don’t know what to mind goes blank…

  12. says

    Great finds Pam!! I hear ya… sometimes the thrift stores are a bust. I did check out a local Antique Mall, but the prices were crazy. Love the vases and the oilers are very cool too. Looking forward to spotting them in future vignettes!

  13. says

    The thrift stores around here are getting just as pricey as the antique malls so I may as well check them out too! Love those vases. I have a larger version of the unmarked vase that you found in turquoise. It is marked USA Pottery which I believe can also be McCoy.

    Have a great weekend!


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    I surely “thrift” at antique stores. The things I love are usually the things that dealers don’t find value in – ceramic planters, California pottery (I live in NY), kitschy ceramic figures…
    I get great prices, and if I choose to resell them, I can do so at a profit! I love that McCoy!

  15. Anonymous says

    I have the ultimate job…I work at a nonprofit thrift shop and I reaearch, cleanup, stage and price the antiques and funky stuff. The prices are kept below antique shop/retail but above thrift shop (we feed people with the profit) thrift shops are still the best place to find that item to turn into your vision.

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