Lazy Girl’s Guide To 4th Of July Decorations

Quick and easy 4th Of July decorations using simple items you can find at the grocery store. Great patriotic DIY home decor and party ideas for the Fourth.

And by lazy, I mean me!

There’s enough going on in the good old summertime with my son’s baseball games (yes, my son plays baseball!!!), my yard sale addiction and trying to get ready for summer camp, so if I’m going to put together some 4th Of July Decorations for a holiday party, I surely don’t want it to be time consuming.  Or expensive.

Did I mention I’m cheap?

I find that I can pick up most of my Fourth decor at the grocery store.  A jug o’ milk, a loaf of bread and some holiday decor.  Done.

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Summer porch decorating ideas and inspiration using farmhouse touches, vintage items, plenty of annual flowers and a healthy dose of patriotic decor.

Summer Porch Decorating Ideas

Are you ready for another round of Farmhouse Friday? Well, it's the 4th Friday of the month, so ready or not we're talking farmhouse. And we're talking porches. Summer porch decorating and porch entertaining to be exact. Porch. Veranda. ...

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This flag wreath is one of the easiest DIY 4th of July decor ideas. A perfect solution for when you want to use a flag but don't want to use the real thing.

Quick And Easy 4th Of July Wreath

The 4th Of July dilemma. You want to use a flag in your home decor, but you certainly don't want to disrespect the American flag by treating it casually. Well, I may have the answer for you. Dog bandana. You heard me, dog bandana. A couple ...

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A collection of Strawberry Rhubarb recipes including pie, jam, ice cream, oatmeal bars, summer drinks and more.

Strawberry Rhubarb Recipe Love

Growing up, we had a patch of rhubarb in the backyard. It was just tucked away in the corner of the garden.  All perky and pretty in its crimson glory. My mother could only use so much of it herself, so she was more than happy to let the little ...

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A super easy DIY patriotic banner tutorial. Anchors, flags and sailboats combine for a nautical Fourth Of July home decor style or any patriotic holiday.

DIY Nautical Patriotic Banner

I whipped up this nautical patriotic banner Sunday morning on a whim. I've been wanting to add something patriotic to that sailboat shelf that I showed you in my Sailing Away Into Summer post the other day, but thought it might get too busy with ...

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This is the best recipe for soft and chewy oatmeal cookies! Super easy to make and no electric mixers involved, so kids can help make them too.

Best Soft And Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies!!!  Who doesn't love a good oatmeal cookie! Back when I was shamelessly showing off my enamel topped kitchen cabinet on my Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet post a few weeks ago, I had "staged" the photo with some oatmeal ...

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A rustic vintage eclectic style summer home decor tour including vintage thermoses, cameras, typewriter and vintage croquet and badminton equipment.

Sailing Away Into Summer

As I mentioned in my A Vintage Eclectic Summer Vignette post, I have a little bit more summer home decor in the living room to show you. On the other side of the room (you know, the side with the huge beautiful HVAC vent in the middle of the ...

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Vintage Eclectic Summer Home Tour

A Vintage Eclectic Summer Vignette

This week I've joined up with more than 20 bloggers on the Welcome Home Summer Tour With Balsam Hill to show you a little taste of summer decor in our homes. I was going to show you my whole living room, but the problem is that I took 14,000 ...

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Hitting The Thrifting Wall

NEWS ALERT . . . Pam bought a Thermos. I repeat, Pam bought a Thermos. OK, I guess that won't make the news, because I buy Thermoses left and right, but isn't she pretty. And shiny. And the Delta railroad lantern is pretty darn cute too! ...

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