Caring For Air Plants (Tillandsia)

Air plants are an easy houseplant to grow! With just a few simple tips for caring for your air plants you'll soon be addicted to these free spirits.

Air plants are an easy houseplant to grow. With just a few simple tips for caring for them you’ll soon become addicted and want to buy them by the truckload.

Seriously, I’ve just recently gotten into the air plant craze (it’s a THING, you know), but I LOVE the carefree nature of these crazy little guys.

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Vintage Kitchen Goodness

I was able to get out to some sales last weekend, so I thought I'd show you what caught my eye. Did you know this was a nut grinder?  I did not when I bought it, but the good people on Facebook identified it for me. I really bought it ...

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A chicken feeder or waterer filled with succulents is a great way to add a little farmhouse decor to your garden, porch or patio this summer. Other farmhouse garden planter ideas and tips on growing succulents are included!

Farmhouse Garden Planter Ideas

Today is Farmhouse Friday and Farmhouse Garden Planters is the theme of the day! But before I get into farmhouse garden planters, I'm going to talk a little about chickens. There's a connection. Really there is. I've ALWAYS wanted to have ...

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Gorgeous pink crabapple blooms against a vintage green chalkboard.

How To Force Flowering Branches Indoors

This time of year I always try to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Especially when Mother Nature smacks me upside the head with a few snowballs like she did last weekend. And one of my favorite ways to do this is by forcing flowering ...

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5 Things To Buy  At Yard Sales This Year

Top 5 Things To Look For At Yard Sales This Year

Not that the weather here in Ohio has been cooperating, but yard sale season is starting to heat up and I've compiled my list of things we need to find at yard sales this summer that we can also use to decorate our houses. Because yard sales are a ...

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The best gardening apps to help you plan a successful garden this summer. We use smart phones for everything else, so why not bring them into the garden.

Best Gardening Apps

Today is another edition of Tuesdays In The Garden.  And today we're discussing our best tips, tricks, tools and techniques for the garden. Now, normally you don't think of gardening as hi-tech.  And actually it is a GREAT way to unplug.  But ...

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Vintage Childrens Doctors Visit Book

Is There A Doctor In The House?

I'm always slow to go to the doctor. I don't feel I want to "bother" them with something minor, so unless I've broken something or feel like I'm dying, I tend to wait too long. And then I get to the doctor and they're all like why didn't you come ...

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Cozy up your home with these farmhouse style spring decorating ideas using vintage items easily found at thrift stores or in the farmyard, or even online.

Spring Decorating Farmhouse Style

It's Farmhouse Friday today on the blog and Farmhouse Friday just got a little bit more exciting! First of all, it's the Spring Home Decor edition of Farmhouse Friday, so we're all showing what we did to decorate for spring this year. And ...

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I've compiled my list of the 5 TOP inspiring flower garden ideas as picked by my readers. Both annuals and perennials for the garden are included.

5 Favorite Flower Garden Ideas

I've got some exciting news for you today. Since it's that time of year when we all want to get our hands dirty and grow some stuff, I've joined a group of bloggers to bring you gardening inspiration twice a month. It's going to be called ...

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