Vintage Bird Nest Home Decor

Vintage bird nest home decor for your spring vignettes

I am totally counting on that whole “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” thing.  A big, soft, cuddly, WARM lamb that is wearing a bikini and has a margarita in her hand.

But until the lamb arrives, I thought I’d do a little bird vignette on my living room credenza to get me in a spring state of mind.

My vintage bird nest home decor spring vignette.

Vintage bird nest home decor for your spring vignettes

Unfortunately, if I used real birds my dogs would just eat them, so one of my china birds will have to do.

This is a real honest-to-goodness bird nest that I found in my driveway last summer.

Vintage bird nest home decor for your spring vignettes

It was just laying abandoned on the ground and since it wasn’t all buggy and wormy I brought it inside for spring decor.  The birds probably wouldn’t have used it once it hit the ground, right?

If you don’t have access to a real live nest, the craft stores have very realistic nests this time of year.

My bird is bone china and is marked Crown Staffs England on the bottom. I believe it’s a male European goldfinch.

Vintage bird nest home decor for your spring vignettes

How do I know? Good old Google came to my rescue.

Because honestly, unless it’s a big red cardinal wearing a t-shirt that says “Hey look, I’m a cardinal!”, I’m lost when it comes to bird identification.

I see this type of china bird ALL THE TIME at estate sales. I think they’re sort of fun and funky without being all grandma-kitschy. OK, if you have 60 of these things lined up on a shelf, then maybe it would lean toward the grandma-kitschy side, but a few here and there are OK in my book.

I bought this old perpetual desk calendar at the antique mall a few years ago.

Vintage bird nest home decor for your spring vignettes

It comes with different calendar inserts, so you just flip through and find the one that corresponds to what that month’s calendar looks like (31 days and the month starts on a Sunday) and slide it in.  And then slide in the part that has the month’s name and you’re good to go for the next 31 days or so.

You can see more of my feathered china friends in The Birds Are Flocking.

Have you started decorating for spring yet?

A quick and easy spring DIY project creating a vignette using vintage bird nest home decor. Abandoned nests can be found in the wild or at your local craft store.

Public disclaimer:  I don’t condone stealing nests from innocent little birdies.  Only use them from the wild if you KNOW no one is going to come back looking them.

BTW, the bird feather print is from The Graphics Fairy.  My number one source for vintage printable goodies.

Construction Ahead

Vintage photo of girls sitting in construction crane

Well, I decided to use a bit of my down time to do some work on the blog. One thing led to another and next thing you know I have a full blown construction project here.

Better wear your hard hats and watch for falling bricks.

First of all, I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress. To 99.9% of you, that is all a bunch of gobbledygook, but in a nutshell it just means I use a different program to write my posts.

Sort of like going from an Android to an iPhone, it’s going to take some getting used to before I feel 100% comfortable.  Sometimes, change is hard.  I’m still rockin’ my mom jeans from 1994, you know.

Secondly, some things went AWOL in the move, so it may take me a few days to hunt them down and get them all situated. For instance, I used to have a “Blogs To Visit” page which is missing. No idea where to find it or how to recreate it right now, but I’m working on either getting it back or at least getting something similar for you.

Some other things you might be used to may be in different places too.  Just think of it like one of those I Spy games you used to love as a kid.   Where is the little toothbrush?

And oh, I inadvertently sent out a repeat email to my email subscribers yesterday.  Thought since you liked a post once, why not show it to you again.  NOT!

Still have no idea how that happened, but I think it had to do with the big moving day, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be spamming my email followers again.  (Love you guys)

So anyhow, just bear with me.  The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar . . .

Grammar Tip Of The Day:  Do you know how I remember whether it’s “bear with me” or “bare with me”?  The “bear” in bear with me comes from the word forbearance (ie patience or self control).  Bare with me would mean to take your clothes off with me.  And no one wants THAT!  You’re welcome!

Life Is Like Photography . . .

One of the golden rules of blogging is to not draw attention to the fact that you haven’t been blogging regularly. Which is sort of stupid, because if you follow me you sort of know whether you’ve seen me around blog-town or not :)

Life Is Like Photography quote - free 8x10 printable for download

Download “Life Is like Photography” Quote HERE

Sure, I’ve put out a few posts here and there since the new year, but not nearly what I’ve normally done or what I would like to do.

The cold hard truth is that my son has been having some issues lately. For those that have been following along for a while, you know he has cerebral palsy and some other issues associated with his prematurity, but I’ve never gotten really into the nuts and bolts of it. And I’m still not sure I’ll ever fully talk about it on my blog.

But some things have changed with him recently and I’ve sort of been focusing on getting these new issues diagnosed and under control and blogging has taken a back seat to that. My son relies on me 100% for every aspect of his care, so blogging has always been my happy, creative place I go to “when I have a free moment” sort of thing. The free moments are just pretty hard to come by right now.

For that, I will not apologize. But hopefully we’re on the right path to getting this little bump in the road of his health under control and I can get back to life as I know it.

In totally unrelated news, one of my readers alerted me to the fact the West Elm was carrying those Thermos travel mugs that I was so obsessed with!!! (Would it be wrong to add another few exclamation points?)

Thermos travel mug at West Elm

West Elm Thermos Travel Mug

Not sure if it’s a temporary thing or how fast they will sell out, but I bought myself one in a heartbeat!

And thank you from the bottom of my Thermos loving heart for emailing me about them Jill!!! (there I go with the exclamation points again)

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