Of Mice And Men And Birds And Snakes

Morning Dove in a crabapple tree

Isn’t that a pretty photo?  Little Mrs. Morning Dove sitting on her nest.

It’s a ruse, people.

Now that I have my blog set up to have one photo of each post show on my main blog homepage, I didn’t want to ruin the “look” by having a cruddy cell phone photo showing up first thing.

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Radicchio - Red Leaf Chicory

Growing Lettuce In The Spring

Growing lettuce is one of my favorite spring gardening projects. There's nothing like walking out your back door, ripping off a piece of lettuce, throwing it into a bowl and having lunch. It makes me feel all green and organic like. I prefer to ...

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Farmhouse storage ideas to give you the farmhouse look and organize your life at the same time. Vintage suitcases, picnic baskets, toolboxes and more.

Farmhouse Friday Storage Ideas Edition

Welcome to another edition of Farmhouse Friday where we discuss all things farmhouse and old.   Today on the agenda is Farmhouse Storage Ideas. Because if you've got stuff . . . you gotta have some place to hide it when company comes over. ...

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Keapsit Thermos with cork stopper from The American Thermos Bottle Co

It’s Electric Boogie Woogie Woogie

Ready for a good old-fashioned "thrift store finds" post?  It's been a while, but thrifting season is heating up and I'm ready to show and tell.  And boogie! It's electric. Boogie woogie, woogie! I started humming that Electric Slide song, ...

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If you've ever wondered what to do with all those vintage hankies you got from your grandma, here are 10 craft projects to repurpose those handkerchiefs!

Craft Ideas Using Vintage Hankies

My grandmother must have been one snotty person. She died when I was fairly young, but one of my biggest memories of her is that she always had a hankie or two stuck in her ample bosom. At first sniff, she'd whip one out from her bra to wipe her ...

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DIY seed packet refrigerator magnets for your spring and summer decor. A super quick and easy five minute craft project and would make cute wedding favors.

DIY Seed Packet Refrigerator Magnets

Sometimes you need a simple, quick and easy craft.  Something that takes 5-10 minutes to complete. So you can get in, get out and get on with your life. Enter my DIY seed packet refrigerator magnets. Ain't nothing easier than this*. ...

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Plant pansies in thrift store teacups for DIY Easter and spring table decor. Would make creative favors or table number holders for weddings too!

Pansy-licious Spring Table Decor

(Pansies) Viola x wittrockiana - Full sun to partial shade - grows to 6-12" Still haven't DIY'd your spring table decor for Easter? You do have table favors, don't you? What?  You didn't realize you needed some?  Well Pinterest says you do, so ...

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Spring tulips

Making Tulips Last Longer

A few weeks ago, I was mindlessly looking at Pinterest (my favorite hobby) and ran across a pin from Melissa at The Happier Homemaker called How To Keep Tulips From Drooping. First of all, her blog name, The Happier Homemaker, just brings back ...

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Spring tablescape in the farmhouse decorating style

Farmhouse Decorating Style

I'm so excited to be part of a fabulous group of bloggers who are starting a monthly series discussing farmhouse style.  Farmhouse styling is hot, hot, hot right now!  And like my friend Snoop Dogg says, you gotta drop it like it's hot! What, not ...

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