Lazy Girl’s Guide To Drying Hydrangeas

Your guide to drying hydrangeas.  It doesn't get easier than this!

You all know how much I love my hydrangeas. And part of the reason I love them is that they are the gift that keeps on giving. All year long.

Pretty on the bush.

Pretty off the bush.

Pretty all shriveled up and dried out (if only people could look as good all shriveled up and dried out).

So I thought I’d show you my fancy, scientific way to dry your hydrangea.

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It’s Survey Time!

Hi there! It's summer. I'm bored. So I figured it's as good a time as any to get a survey of what my people readers want from House Of Hawthornes. I want to give you what you want, but what I think you want .  .  . may not be what you actually ...

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A 30 minute Blueberry Crostata Recipe. Also known as galette, rustic pie or rustic tart, it is perfect for new bakers You can't go wrong with this one.

Blueberry Crostata Recipe

Whatever you call it  . . .  crostata, galette, rustic pie or rustic tart. Just don't call me late for dinner. These types of pies are all the rage right now, but did you know I invented this type of pie? Way back in 1960-something? ...

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DIY instructions for making a zinc topped table. Dining table could be used inside or outside. Galvanized sheet metal was used to keep the cost low.

DIY Zinc Top Table

In my Baby Got Back post the other day I told you I'd show you how I made my zinc top table that is on my back porch.  So I'm here to make good on my promise. Now, I've seen zinc top tables at the antique stores for years! Mostly on tables that ...

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Natural ways to keep mosquitoes from biting you, including plants, DIY mosquito spray, and homemade citronella candles.

Are Mosquitoes Bugging You?

It's been so wet around here lately that the mosquitoes are out in full force! It reminds me of when I was a kid and we used to go camping in the summer. For a few years we even camped all summer long. My Dad would park the trailer at a campground ...

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Summer back porch decorating ideas with an eclectic style. Easy DIY and decor inspiration for your porch or patio this summer.

Baby Got Back

Porch that is.  Baby got back porch! And since I'm stuck in the 90's with Sir Mix A Lot . . . Back when that song came out I was super excited that those of us with ample backsides were finally being appreciated. It's not every day in the world ...

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Sure it is one of the healthiest vegetables out there, but Swiss Chard can also used as an ornamental plant! Fantastic accent for your container gardening!

Containing My Enthusiam For Swiss Chard

Swiss what? Swiss chard! We all know the Swiss make some pretty handy Army knives.  And some yummy cheese with tons of holes in it (I really don't want to know what makes the holes though).  But did you know about Swiss chard? This ...

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July 2015 All You Magazine feautre

Keeping Up With The HOH

Oh, and that's HOH as in House Of Hawthornes, not Hoe as in something entirely different. Lesson to think hard about the initials when you pick out a blog name. Just saying. I've been thinking that we need a post every so often with just random ...

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Quick and easy 4th Of July decorations using simple items you can find at the grocery store. Great patriotic DIY home decor and party ideas for the Fourth.

Lazy Girl’s Guide To 4th Of July Decorations

And by lazy, I mean me! There's enough going on in the good old summertime with my son's baseball games (yes, my son plays baseball!!!), my yard sale addiction and trying to get ready for summer camp, so if I'm going to put together some 4th Of ...

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