Buying Vintage Christmas Decor At The Stores

Your guide to finding vintage Christmas decor reproductions at big chain stores. No need to spend all your time scouring estate sales anymore! Score!

The jig is up. We’re mainstream now. The whole world knows how cool vintage Christmas decor is.

As I’m running around town trying to find matching Christmas jammies for the family, I noticed that stores are carrying more and more vintage-like Christmas items this year.

Sure, it’s fun to buy the real vintage stuff out in the wild, but that can get pretty darn expensive. And it’s hard to find this time of the year.

So now that the chain stores are selling some pretty cute vintage inspired stuff, it’s a chance to get the look without the endless searching at thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. (I must be getting old.  When did I start complaining about the drudgery of hitting an estate sale?)

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The Ghost Of Christmas Decor Past Comes A-Callin

And when a ghost comes a-callin', you open the door and welcome him inside before he eats your face off. Or is that zombies? Anywho, as I was sifting through old photos here on my computer, trying to get in the mood for all the upcoming holiday ...

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Print out these FREE high resolution chalkboard printables for the holidays. They come in both black and green chalkboard versions for your Christmas decor.

Free Christmas Chalkboard Printables

I've got some free Christmas chalkboard printables for you today. To sort of ease you into holiday decor without pulling out the big guns yet. Oops, I probably shouldn't mention guns with the deer around.  It is getting to be hunting season here, ...

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Learn how to make a super quick and easy boxwood wreath. And did I mention it is cheap? Perfect for the holidays, yet looks great any time of the year.

Quick And Easy Boxwood Wreath

It's time people. Time to start planning what you are going to do for the holidays this year. Sure, I want to be all about Thanksgiving and talk about vintage turkey salt & pepper shakers and the best recipe for creamed peas and such (BTW, ...

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If you prefer to buy from small business this holiday season, this list of Etsy shopping ideas will help you find unique one of a kind gift ideas.

Etsy Shopping Made Easy

Ready for some more holiday shopping ideas? This time I have Etsy on my mind. I have a special place in my heart for Etsy shops. My sister, who passed away a few years ago, loved Etsy from day 1. Before 99.9% of the people out there even knew what ...

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A gift guide for the vintage lover in your life. Modern vintage, kitschy vintage, retro or somewhere in between. Cute ideas for teacher and hostess gifts.

Gift Guide For The Vintage Lover

Stuck when trying to find a holiday gift for your son's teacher? Your next door neighbor? Yourself? Everyone buys gifts for themselves, right? Well, I'm pairing up with a whole slew of other bloggers today to bring you The Complete Gift Guide For ...

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Breathing new life into an oak banker's chair with chalk paint and a stencil. A simple DIY project that saved this tired yard sale find from an early death.

New Life For A Banker’s Chair

Last year I bought an oak banker's chair at a yard sale $5.00.  If I find a piece of furniture for the price of a Happy Meal, I normally pick it up just in case. I brought it home, stared at it for a few weeks trying to figure out what to do with ...

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A vintage Skotch Kooler plaid jug makes a pretty good repurposed vase when in a pinch. You gotta love a good budget friendly upcycled DIY project.

I’ll Take A Little Skotch With That

So there's two things this post could be about. I'm drunk and don't know how to spell scotch.  Or I'm loving my latest find. Let's go with number 2. Last year this time, I found a Skotch Kooler plaid cooler at a barn sale. ...

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Thermos travel mug

Falling All Over Myself For A Giveaway

What's not quite a thermos . . . but actually is a Thermos??? It's a Thermos travel mug! And it's all yours if you win the Great Thermos Giveaway of 2015. I'm still into plaid this year and still into thermoses, so this was a no-brainer for ...

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